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AR Manufacturing & Cerakoting Services 

Bay County Armory Produces High Quality Rifles

For your AR manufacturing and cerakoting needs, turn to Bay County Armory.  We offer rifles that are customized to each person’s needs and are uniquely designed by their owner.  Other services offered are gun transfers, firearm parts, and firearm collection appraisals.

One-on-One Customer Approach to Our Mission

Bay County Armory is a family owned AR manufacturing company established in Panama City, FL since 2016.  With our one-on-one customer approach service, we enjoy creating rifles that will fit our customers’ vision.  From the simplest of designs to the most detailed cerakoting, our mission is to make each customer’s rifle a work of art created just for them.

What Our Customers Say

“Top quality custom products. Lots of options. Sky is the limit. A proud craftsman behind every model!"
Brad T.
“Very happy with my first BCA!! Top quality from muzzle to butt!!”
Larry S.
“BCA went above and beyond on Quality work & Service!”
Bradly H.

Some of Our Work