Bay County Armory

Shoot with Confidence

Bay County Armory offers rifles you will find nowhere else. We also provide customization services and component selection for our customers. Come to me for your caliber and rifle-related concerns.

Our Services

AR Manufacturing

Bay County Armory AR manufacturing. Designing rifles to fit our customer's needs one at a time.


Cerakoting AR's and pistols with colors and designs chosen by our customer. Come see us for a unique coat just for you.

Firearm parts

We are able to assist our customers with parts needed for their firearm needs.

FFL Transfers

Ordered a firearm online and don't know where to have it sent? We accept FFL transfers, just let us know when we should expect your order.

Armorer Services

Armorer services as needed.

Municipal Contracts

We are able to fill municipal contacts as needed.


Call on Bay County Armory for your appraisal needs.